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INDEX: GENERAL INFORMATION Co-ordinates: S26⁰32.130’   E27⁰56.132’ 1. Introduction 2. History of the centre 3. Preamble 4. Foreword 5. Contact details 6. Mission statement 7. Period and cost of internment 8. Our objectives 9. Vision 10. Towards these objectives our treatment process includes 11. Objectives of the centre 12. Location and locality 13. Registration of De Deur as a health centre 14. Organogram 15. Staff 16. Code of conduct 17. Fees and application for Zakaat 18. Medical aid 19. How to have a patient admitted 20. Conditions under which patients are admitted and treated 21. What to expect on arrival 22. What to bring with 23. What is expected of the patient 24. Aims of the treatment 25. Nature of treatment 26. Daily programme 27. Programme 28. Recreation. 29. Typical menu 30. Discharge before release date 31. Visitation 32. Help available to the family 33. What you can do to help 34. Other services provided by the centre 35. Aftercare centres. 36. Statistics on drug abuse and its effects. 37. Patient demographics 38. Analysis of most common drugs. 39. Conclusion DETOXIFICATION PROCESS 1. What is detoxification? 2. MHC detoxification programme. 3. Cost of detoxification. IBOGAINE TREATMENT 1. The process. 2. Effect on patients 3. How it works 4. Cost of the Ibogaine Programme. LONG TERM ADMITTANCE 1. What it entails. GUIDE TO PARENTS 1. This will be published in a separate booklet. *** Please note that De Deur in the document will refer to De Deur Health Centre.
GENERAL INFORMATION 1. INTRODUCTION It   is   only   by   the   grace   of   the   Almighty   ALLAAH   that   we   have   been   granted   the   opportunity   to offer   our   services   to   the   Ummah   (nation)   during   these   trying   times   when   there   is   desperate   need to   uplift   and   rehabilitate   the   community.   We   thank   ALLAAH   for   making   it   possible,   through   HIS mercy,   to   establish   this   centre   under   the   auspices   of   CRESCENT   OF   HOPE   and   to   use   this   centre as   a   means   of   comfort,   understanding   and   consolation   towards   those   who   are   victims   of   a   harsh and    influential    society.    We    have    been    equipped    to    assist    those    who    are    afflicted    by    drug dependence, addiction, depression and/or the obsession for other substances.  The   approach   we   have   adopted   is   similar   to   the   SALUS   programme   of   spiritual   awakening,   love, understanding   and   sincerity.      This   concept   is   applied   with   respect   for   the   individual,   creative expression,   mental   stimulation   and   a   physical   exercise   programme   with   a   fundamental   common constant   viz.   the   recognition   and   acknowledgement   of   ALLAAH.      May   HE   give   us   the   strength   and hikmat (diplomacy) in our effort to successfully purge this scourge from within our society.
2. HISTORY OF THE CENTRE The    De    Deur    Health    Centre    for    drug    rehabilitation    was    acquired    by    the    Crescent    of    Hope Organisation in 2009 and covers 5, 6786 hectares. At   this   stage   Ml.   Riyaad   Limbada   and   his   wife   Fazza   were   appointed   to   oversee   the   renovation and   development   of   the   centre.   This   was   done   under   the   supervision   of   Hafez   Ismail   Kholvadia and   Haroon   Saley.   They   dedicated   their   full   attention   to   setting   up   this   ex-resort   into   a   functional rehabilitation   centre   for   females   –   taking   into   consideration   the   strict   shariah   governing   our religion.      They   were   /   are   dedicated   to   this   cause   and   to   pleasing   ALLAAH.      The   problem   outgrew the   solution   and   we   were   forced   to   start   treating   patients   on   an   ad   hoc   basis.   Patients   came   on appointment,   had   individual   therapy   with   the   counsellor   and   then   went   home   with   their   parents   this   after   parents   themselves   attended   a   session   with   their   daughters.   But   this   did   not   help   very much as the patient went back to their environment immediately after the session. In   March   2017   the   doors   finally   opened   for   the   intake   of   patients   for   the   full   term   of   6   weeks   with all the relevant role players present. We could now treat the patient fully.   . PHOTOS OF THE CENTRE 3. PREAMBLE The   task   of   maintaining   and   improving   the   institution   and   facilities   available   to   the   patients   has been a challenging one as:   The    centre    has    been    established    to    serve    the    community    and    not    for    profit    as    the organisation     governing     the     centre     is     a     NON-PROFIT     ORGANISATION     ESTABLISHED ESPECIALLY TO SERVE THE COMMUNITY FOR THE PLEASURE OF ALLAAH.   The cost per patient has been kept to a minimum.   We    endeavour    to    make    this    centre    affordable    to    the    poor    and    needy    in    every    way possible. We   have   over   the   years   successfully   created   a   secure   and   comfortable   environment   at   the   centre, where   the   main   focus   is   the   wellbeing   and   rehabilitation   of   the   client.   We   make   Shukr   to   ALLAH for guiding us in the right direction and ensuring that we serve HUMANITY for HIS pleasure only. We   also   owe   eternal   gratitude   to   the   members   of   the   community   who,   over   the   years,   have   made countless   sacrifices   and   contributions   towards   the   development   of   the   centre.      ALLAAH   has   surely blessed   our   Ummah   with   great   hearts.   We   pray   that   they   be   rewarded   abundantly   for   their selfless charity and should always be remembered in our Duas (prayers). 4. FOREWORD De   Deur   Health   Centre   was   established   with   the   goal   to   serve   humanity   by   offering   relief   and rehabilitation   for   those   people   that   have   found   themselves   trapped   in   the   world   of   drugs   and addiction   and   has   a   true   desire   to   escape   from   this   addiction.   Our   objective   here   is   to   firstly   help a   person   to   discontinue   the   use   of   whatever   drug   they   may   have   become   addicted   to   and   supply them   with   the   necessary   skills   to   remain   off   drugs.   We   use   the   international   12–Step   programme that   most   rehabilitation   centres   utilize   worldwide.   We   have   modified   it   to   an   Islamic   concept.   One of   the   first   steps   which   are   covered   is   to   accept   that   recovery   is   only   possible   with   the   help   of ALLAAH   (a   higher   power)   thus   the   majority   of   our   programmes   and   schedules   (Amaals)   help   bring people closer to Him. 5. CONTACT DETAILS The contact details at the centre Telephone 016 590 4007 / 016 556 6139 Cell 072 247 5004 / 084 800 6023 Cell phone 084 800 6023 / 072 247 5004 Physical Address Plot 326 van der Merwe Street De Deur Meyerton (near Roshnee) Postal address P. O. Box 401  De Deur 1884 E-mail Website click on OUR PROJECTS then on De Deur. The contact details at the head office Telephone 011 854 1809 / 011 852 7370. Fax 011 852 1509 / 086 661 3159 Cell phone 082 268 2020 Physical Address 137 Rose Avenue, extension 2 Lenasia 1827 Postal address P. O. Box 1635 Lenasia 1820 E-mail Website click on OUR PROJECTS and click on DE DEUR 6. MISSION STATEMENT The   De   Deur   Health   Centre   (MHC)   is   a   substance   abuse   rehabilitation   centre   serving   the   Muslim Community   of   South   Africa   as   well   as   the   wider   South   African   community.   It   is   a   faith-based organisation   and   Muslim   religious   practices   are   followed.   Any   female   person   of   any   faith   will   be welcomed   but   will   have   to   attend   our   programmes.   His   religion   and   practices,   however,   will   be respected.   We   are   not   admitting   males   to   the   De   Deur   Centre   but   have   another   centre   especially for   males   at   Magaliesburg   Health   Centre   in   Rietpoort.   The   centre   at   De   Deur   will   run   on   the   same principles as the Magaliesburg Health Centre. Our   therapeutic   intervention   is   based   on   professional   values   and   proven   research   as   well   as   a firm   belief   in   the   client’s   right   to   self-determination.   At   present   our   interventions   include   the following:   Multidisciplinary assessment and development of an individual recovery plan.   Cognitive behavioural intervention.   Person centred therapy both individually and in a small group setting.   Factual information and classes about addiction and related topics.   Life skill training.   Family unification support and counselling.   A Minnesota model based twelve step rehabilitation programme.   Aftercare   services   and   liaison   with   rehabilitation   centres   in   other   towns   to   support   clients from elsewhere.   Follow up calls and research. 7. PERIOD AND COST OF INTERNMENT The   recommended   period   is   a   full   six   (6)   weeks   i.e.   42   days.   Please   phone   the   centre   to   find   out what    the    cost    of    this    internship    is.    This    includes    3    meals    a    day,    counselling,    one-on-ones, accommodation,   washing   of   clothes   etc.   It   does   not   include   cigarettes,   cold   drinks   and   other luxuries.   These   can   be   bought   from   the   tuck   shop   run   at   the   centre.   It   does   not   include   medical cost   –   if   needed;   visit   to   psychiatrist,   doctor   and   other   medical   emergencies   will   have   to   be   paid for   by   the   patient’s   family.   Medication   prescribed   by   the   house   doctors   for   the   patient   must   be handed   over   to   the   nurse   for   administering   the   required   dosage   on   a   daily   basis.   Under   no circumstances may the medicine be given to the patient himself.    It   sometimes   becomes   inevitability   to   admit   a   patient   for   less   than   the   required   period.   This   can only   be   arranged   with   the   administrator   in   conjunction   with   the   counsellor   if   at   all   possible.   The time period and the fees will be adjusted accordingly. If   a   patient   needs   more   time   than   the   recommended   period,   the   extended   time   period   must   be arranged   with   the   administrator   with   the   recommendation   of   the   counsellor.   The   additional   fees required will be charged on a pro rata basis. There is a charge levied on the initial counselling session if the patient is not admitted. Money paid for the period of internment is not refundable. The patient will have to pay for all drug tests done while he is at the centre. For long term admission please refer to the paragraph on LONG TERM ADMITTTANCE.   8. OUR OBJECTIVES ARE   To   offer   a   holistic   programme   that   will   provide   clients   with   the   best   possible   chance   of long term recovery from drug addiction and dependence.   To cater for clients mental, physical and spiritual needs   To prepare the client for successful social integration when he leaves the centre   To provide primary and secondary prevention services to the community. 9. VISION   To   develop   and   provide   the   most   effective   vehicle   for   long   term   recovery   from   substance abuse to the Muslim and other communities of South Africa.   To   assist,   encourage   and   guide   those   prone   to   substance   abuse   to   replace   this   weakness with positive thoughts and constructive action.   To   assist,   encourage   and   guide   the   families   to   accept   this   weakness   in   a   family   member and to support him in his effort to overcome this failing. 10. TOWARDS THESE OBJECTIVES OUR TREATMENT PROCESS INCLUDES   A   multi-disciplinary   therapeutic   team   including   social   worker,   nursing   sister,   counsellors and Imam.   Our   clients   often   carry   heavy   emotional   burdens   and   guilt.      We   therefore   offer   personal counselling    on    a    one    on    one    basis    to    address    emotional,    social    and    psychological problems   The   multi-disciplinary   team   takes   part   in   the   development   of   an   individualised   recovery and action plan with each client.   Since    our    clients    are    often    physically    drained,    we    do    a    full    medical    examination    and monitoring    by    the    nurse.        This    is    combined    with    daily    administration    of    vitamins    to improve   nerve   growth,   speed   up   detoxification,   and   repair   the   physical   damage   drugs have done to the body.   Group    interaction    and    counselling    is    lead    on    a    daily    basis    by    the    Social    workers    and counsellors.   This   encourages   clients   to   have   constant   awareness   of   their   emotional   and physical status, and to share issues as they arise instead of isolating the self.   Life skills classes are run by the Social worker on various topics including: Self-acceptance and responsibility Anger management Realisation of harm and forgiveness Communication for a successful marriage Self-appreciation Brainstorming Johari’s window assessments Planning Trigger identification and the relapse cycle Relapse avoidance techniques Life cycles and life stages   For   the   spiritual   wellbeing   of   clients   daily   Madressa   classes   are   run   including   reading   and teaching    of    the    Quraan    and    practical    Islamic    studies.        Clients    from    any    religion    are welcome though, and their religious needs will be accommodated.   Aftercare and support groups are already in Johannesburg and the West Rand.   The   patient   will   be   tested   for   drug   usage   when   she   is   admitted   to   the   centre,   after   3 weeks   (21   days)   and   on   the   day   she   leaves   the   centre   –   6   weeks   (42   days).   These   tests   are not included in the cost of internment. 11. OBJECTIVES OF THE CENTRE   To   offer   a   holistic   programme   that   will   cater   for   the   addicts   mental,   spiritual   and   physical needs.   To prepare the addict for eventual social integration.   To provide comprehensive primary and secondary prevention services.   To redirect the lifestyle of the individual addict and to offer an aftercare support system.   Treatment will be provided on a multi – disciplinary basis.   The   Occupational   Therapist   and   Counsellor   will   conduct   the   “Twelve   Steps”   which   is   a recognized syllabus for the recovery of addicts.   Detoxification and the monitoring of body weights is an on-going process.   The facilities at the Centre are swimming, tennis,  indoor sports and a gym for exercise.   Our   daily   programme   includes   one   on   one   counselling,   Peer   Group   Counselling,   Spiritual Power Sessions, assignments and gardening. THE CENTRE FOR GROUP SESSIONS WITH PATIENTS AND COUNSELLING OF PATIENTS 12. LOCATION AND LOCALITY The   centre   is   located   approximately   40   km   from   Johannesburg   and   is   situated   on   the   boundary   of Roshnee   near   Vereeniging.      The   peaceful   natural   environment   compliments   the   work   done   here and   removes   the   client   from   the   temptations   of   the   city   to   start   his   recovery.   Boards   will   direct you to the centre. 13. REGISTRATION OF MAGALIESBURG AS A HEALTH CENTRE The   centre   is   registered   with   the   Department   of   Health   and   Welfare   and   the   Department   of   Social Services.   It   is   also   registered   with   Board   of   funders   and   the   Receiver   of   Revenue.   This   allows   us   to apply   for   funding   for   the   patient   through   the   medical   aid   of   the   patient.   It   is   also   registered   with the   Department   of   Labour.   For   all   inquiries   regarding   the   payment   of   the   fees   for   the   patient   or any   other   financial   implications   regarding   all   the   admission   of   the   patient   please   contact   the Director of the Centre – contact detail given above. 14. ORGANOGRAM   TRUSTEES AND EXECUTIVE MEMBERS Dr Ismail Vally Yusuf Bhamjee Ismail Kholvadia Dr Ebrahim Chohan Haroon Saley Yusuf Lombard Yusuf Suliman   DIRECTORS OF THE INSTITUTE Dr Ismail Vally Ismail Kholvadia Ml Riyaad Limbada Yusuf Lombard Yusuf Suliman   MANAGING DIRECTOR Ml Riyaad Limbada   PROFESSIONAL DEPARTMENT Counsellors Social workers  Nurse Doctor on call Psychiatrist on call Imam   ADMINISTRATION Administrator Cook Ground staff Cleaning staff Handy man Security 15. STAFF   Centre manager and senior counsellor Duties:  Day to day running of the centre and financial management Family counselling Personal counselling Madressa teaching and support for the Imam   Nursing sister: . Duties: Medical examination and care of each patient Psychiatric evaluation of clients when necessary Leading group interaction and journal classes Health and dietary education including the physical effects of drugs   Madressa Appas Duties: Learning and teaching the Quran Madressa classes Practical Islamic studies Administration for the centre Anger management classes. Counselling THE SALAAH KHANA FOR FEMALES   Social worker We have qualified social workers at the centre.  Duties: Individual assessment and personal counselling Family counselling Life skills classes Ethics officer Development of therapeutic intervention plan Research and follow up  Counsellors Duties: Twelve stop programme. Group counselling. Administration One on one counselling   We have a Psychiatrist on call.   We have a medical doctor on call.   We are located near the Vereeniging hospital.  University students University   students   studying   Social   Science   are   can   apply   to   do   their   internship   at   our   centre.   We receive   numerous   requests   from   the   students   to   do   their   practical   at   our   centre.   We   house   them for   the   period   (which   is   6   months)   they   stay   with   us.   They   are   also   given   board   and   lodging   for   the period.      The   period   of   practical   studies   for   the   student   is   6   months.   They   are   paid   a   token   amount