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The Organization  Work locally is in obligation, Work abroad is a responsibility.  


Locally   we   provided   relief   for   the   victims of   floods.   Helping   families   rebuild   their hail   damaged   houses   and   provided   food for      the      family      during      this      period. Internationally    we    provided    aid    during the disaster. Read more…


There     are     about     20,000     orphans     in Bosnia   of   which   we   are   sponsoring   only 60.   Most   of   the   orphans   lost   their   fathers during   the   war   and   are   only   living   with their   mothers.   It   is   difficult   for   them   to make ends meet. Read more…


Conducting     educational     classes     in     22 centres,     there     are     adult     educational classes      at      each      centre.      We      have implemented    our    own    syllabus    to    be able     to     teach     reverts     to     Islam     as practically as possible.  Read more…


We   distribute   approximately   30   000   meat parcels   annually   during   this   period   since 1993.    We    are    providing    hampers    on    a monthly      basis      to      somany      Muslim families    that    need    our    assistance,    as most    of    them    are    elderly    and    living alone. Read more…


The   centre   is   a   refuge   offering   a   safe   and healthy    environment    for    the    short    and long    term    to    rehabilitate    addicts    back into     society     with     the     confidence     to handle    the    pressure    of    daily    life.    Read more…


The   drilling   for   water   in   drought   stricken areas      where      people      have      to      walk kilometers   to   get   unhygienic   and   cholera infested   water.   The   water   is   scooped   up from    small    puddles    that    appear    after rain    or    from    the    polluted    rivers.    Read more…


f.   To   be   of   SERVICE   to   all   South   Africans.   g.   To   see   to   the   WELLBEING   of   the people    that    is    dependent    on    us.    The    organization    is    registered    with    the Department   of   Welfare   as   an   NPO.   Our   NPO   number   is   000467   NPO.   It   is   also registered   with   the   South   African   Revenue   Services   and   our   PBO   number   is 930   005   968.   Some   of   the   projects   and   relief   work   done   by   the   organization from   it’s   inception.   The   discussion   does   not   cover   all   the   work   done   by   the organization during this period.
a.   To   provide   EDUCATION   to   reverts   and   the   underprivileged.   b.   To   provide DISASTER   RELIEF   wherever   and   whenever   it   is   needed.   c.   To   provide   WATER in   areas   where   the   schools   and   communities   do   not   have   clean   drinking water.   d.   To   provide   opportunities   for   the   TRAINING   OF   SKILLS   that   will   make them   self   –   sufficient   and   help   them   provide   for   their   families.   e.   To   run   a FEEDING SCHEME for the destitute and disadvantaged.
The    organization    was    founded    in    OCTOBER    1992    when    some    of    our members    went    to    help    with    the    Somalian    refugee    crisis    in    Kenya.    We supplied   food   and   helped   in   the   building   of   huts   for   the   refugees.   A   borehole rig   was   sent   to   Kenya   because   of   the   continuous   drought   in   North   Eastern Kenya.   It's   task   was   the   drilling   of   boreholes   and   supplying   water   in   that area.   After   the   experience   gained   there   and   realizing   the   need   for   major relief    work    needed    in    South    Africa,    especially    amongst    the    indigenous people,    we    decided    to    concentrate    our    efforts    here    at    home    as    the organization   is   run   by   South   Africans   for   South   Africans.   This   led   to   the formulation of our policy statement.
Our   regular   annual   projects   are:   1.   QURBANI   -   We   provide   a   service   to   our sponsors   by   doing   their   Qurbani   on   their   behalf.   The   meat   is   distributed   to the   poor   and   destitute   in   the   country   where   the   Qurbani   is   done.   2.   WINTER WARM    –    Blankets    are    distributed    to    the    needy    during    the    cold    winter months.   3.   RAMADAAN   HAMPERS   –   Food   hampers   are   distributed   to   the impoverished   during   the   month   of   Ramadaan.   This   is   food   for   Iftaar   and Sehri. Eid hampers are also given so that they could have a good Eid meal.
The policy of the organization shall be two-fold: 1. To focus it’s effort and resources on the citizens of South Africa as an obligation. 2. To acknowledge the responsibility as South Africans to respond to the needs of humankind globally.
Policy Statement


MISSION * Serving humanity for the pleasure of the al-mighty. * Empowering the nation through education and training. * Providing relief wherever and whenever needed. VISION * To empower the people to fend for themselves by providing the necessary education and training so that begging will be minimized. *   To   provide   clean   borehole   water   to   all   institutions   and   public   centres   where   no   reticulated   water   has   been   made   available   to   the institute and the community. The communities will not have to get contaminated water from small dams in their areas. *   To   provide   for   the   rehabilitation   of   substance   abuse   addicts   irrespective   of   sex,   race   or   creed.   To   assist   communities   to   eradicate   this scourge in our societies. * To provide relief to the destitute during disasters. Thus alleviating the plight of these most unfortunate people.