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It is only by the grace of the Almighty ALLAAH that we have been granted the opportunity to offer our services to the Ummah (nation) during these trying times when there is desperate need to uplift and rehabilitate the community. We thank ALLAAH for making it possible, through HIS mercy, to establish this centre under the auspices of CRESCENT OF HOPE and to use this centre as a means of comfort, understanding and consolation towards those who are victims of a harsh and influential society. We have been equipped to assist those who are afflicted by drug dependence, addiction, depression and/or the obsession for other substances.
The approach we have adopted is similar to the SALUS programme of spiritual awakening, love, understanding and sincerity. This concept is applied with respect for the individual, creative expression, mental stimulation and a physical exercise programme with a fundamental common constant viz. the recognition and acknowledgement of ALLAAH. May HE give us the strength and hikmaat (diplomacy) in our effort to successfully purge this scourge from within our society.

Relief and Rehabiliation.

Magaliesburg Health Centre was established with the goal to serve humanity by offering relief and rehabilitation for those people that have found themselves trapped in the world of drugs and addiction and has a true desire to escape from this addiction. Our objective here is to firstly help a person to discontinue the use of whatever drug they may have become addicted to and supply them with the necessary skills to remain off drugs. We use the international 12–Step programme that most rehabilitation centres utilize worldwide. We have modified it to an Islamic concept. One of the first steps which are covered is to accept that recovery is only possible with the help of ALLAAH (a higher power) thus the majority of our programmes and schedules (Amaals) help bring people closer to Him.


To offer a holistic programme that will cater for the addicts mental, spiritual and physical needs.
To redirect the lifestyle of the individual addict and to offer an aftercare support system.
Detoxification and the monitoring of body weights is an ongoing process.
To prepare the addict for eventual social integration.
Treatment will be provided on a multi – disciplinary basis.

To provide comprehensive primary and secondary prevention services.

The Occupational Therapist and Counsellor will conduct the “Twelve Steps” which is a recognized syllabus for the recovery of addicts.
The facilities at the Centre are swimming, tennis, soccer, cricket, indoor sports and a gym for exercise.
Our daily programme includes one on one counselling, Peer Group Counselling, Spiritual Power Sessions, assignments and gardening.

Period and Cost of Internment.

The recommended period is a full six (6) weeks i.e. 42 days. Please phone the centre to find out what the cost of this internship is. This includes 3 meals a day, counselling, one-on-ones, accommodation, washing of clothes etc. It does not include cigarettes, cold drinks and other luxuries. These can be bought from the tuck shop run at the centre. It does not include medical cost – if needed; visit to psychiatrist, doctor and other medical emergencies will have to be paid for by the patient’s family. Medication prescribed by the house doctors for the patient must be handed over to the nurse for administering the required dosage on a daily basis. Under no circumstances may the medicine be given to the patient himself.

It sometimes becomes inevitable to admit a patient for less than the required period. This can only be arranged with the administrator in conjunction with the counsellor if at all possible. The time period and the fees will be adjusted accordingly.

If a patient needs more time than the recommended period, the extended time period must be arranged with the administrator with the recommendation of the counsellor. The additional fees required will be charged on a pro rata basis. There is a charge levied on the initial counselling session if the patient is not admitted. Money paid for the period of internment is not refundable.

The patient will have to pay for all drug tests done while he is at the centre. For long term admission please refer to the paragraph on LONG TERM ADMITTTANCE.

Gym Facility
Gym Facility
Boardroom for Group Sessions

Our treatment process includes:

A multi disciplinary therapeutic team including social worker, nursing sister, counsellors and Imaam.

Our clients often carry heavy emotional burdens and guilt. We therefore offer personal counselling on a one on one basis to address emotional, social and psychological problems

The multi disciplinary team takes part in the development of an individualised recovery and action plan with each client.

Since our clients are often physically drained, we do a full medical examination and monitoring. This is combined with daily administration of vitamins to improve nerve growth, speed up detoxification, and repair the physical damage drugs have done to the body.

Group interaction and counselling is lead on a daily basis by the Social workers and counsellors. This encourages clients to have constant awareness of their emotional and physical status, and to share issues as they arise in stead of isolating the self.

For the spiritual wellbeing of clients our Imam runs daily madressa classes including reading and teaching of the Quraan and practical Islamic studies. Clients from any religion are welcome though, and their religious needs will be accommodated.

Aftercare and support groups are already in Johannesburg, the East and West Rand.

The patient will be tested for drug usage when he is admitted to the centre, after 3 weeks (21 days) and on the day he leaves the centre – 6 weeks (42 days). These tests are not included in the cost of internment.

Life skills classes are run by the Social worker on various topics including:

  • Self acceptance and responsibility
  • Anger management
  • Realisation of harm and forgiveness
  • Communication for a successful marriage 
  • Self appreciation
  • Brainstorming
  • Johari’s window assessments
  • Planning
  • Trigger identification and the relapse cycle
  • Relapse avoidance techniques
  • Life cycles and life stages

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